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About Our ICT Services

ICT Services are focused at the core of every business: its network and internet connectivity. ICT Services core function is to design custom connectivity solutions to support every element of IP networking. Our specialist partnerships with all major OEMs enables us to design and implement the latest and best custom network around the throughput needs of our clients. We combine our networking experience with heatmap technology to design optimal wireless solutions and deployment plans for our clients. These wireless and wired networks are designed to support the custom software solutions and systems that we deploy within the infrastructure. We also couple all these systems with the supply of internet services in all shapes and flavours. Our consulting services ensures alignment to governance frameworks, enterprise architecture and legal compliance to safeguard all elements of our clients.

For us, it’s all about fostering strong relationships with our clients, having the right solution to meet the expectation, constantly ensuring that we offer consummate logistical abilities, delivering a professional installation experience, and giving our clients access to our expert support teams.

We partner with leading and reliable brands to deliver core services to our clients. The core focus of ICT Services includes:

  • Core, Distribution and Access Switching with Layer 3 Routing
  • Wireless and Heatmaps
  • Software Solutions and Systems
  • Internet, MPLS, SD-WAN and Layer 2 Connectivity
  • Consulting Services

We offer managed service level agreements on all our communication services solutions.

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