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RMM & Data Protection

Our RMM helps you Orchestrate Automate Dominate !

Manage everything, fast

With our RMM we can control a full range of devices and networks in as little as 15 minutes.

Patch intelligently

Easy, flexible, reliable patch management for millions of devices.

Ready, set, support

Get the most from our solutions with RMM Services for technical support, migration and more.

Our RMM Solution

Maximize your IT efficiency and security with Burika RMM.

Our RMM helps businesses like yours achieve better control and visibility over their IT systems. With its powerful automation tools,
you can monitor, manage and secure all your technology environments with ease, leading to improved performance and reduced downtime.

Say goodbye to manual tasks and welcome peace of mind with Burikas RMM. Trust the choice of advanced MSPs and IT teams for your
business’s technology needs.”

Cloud-first data protection as a service

Back up more, in less time

Store your backups off the local network by default, out of the reach of ransomware, with efficient, direct-to-cloud architecture.

Be ready for all types of disasters

No matter what type of disaster you’re facing, Burika offers flexibility and reliability to help you save the day. Our cloud-first architecture stores your backups offsite by default, out of the reach of ransomware on your network.

Don’t pay extra for data archiving

Burika Data Protection’s per-device pricing means you won’t pile up the charges as you grow your archives.

Data protection has evolved

Backup is essential, but it’s only the start. True data protection requires a cloud-first solution for today’s cloud-first world. With ransomware threats looming, you need more than cloud tacked onto the same-old image backup .

Burika offers a better way to protect servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 data.

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